Dedicated Resources OFTEN Model
For clients who are looking to extend their development team or just want to hire a team of developers, designers and testers without the hassles involved in managing those resources, this is where OkWeDoSoftware's Dedicated Full Time Employees Now (OFTEN) model comes to play. OkWeDoSoftware has a pool of highly talented and experienced cross platform resources that can be made available in as little as 5 days. If you are looking for Developers (.NET, PHP, ASP, iPhone Application Developers, Blackberry Application Developers, Android Application Developers), Design Engineers as well as Test Engineers, then you have come to the right place.

With this model you get complete control over human and technical resources involved into the development process. The OFTEN model has a high level of transparency, security, flexibility and scalability. All infrastructure and personnel are at your dedicated service as long as you need them for a fixed monthly fee.

Benefits of a dedicated OFTEN Model
We often see the following benefits described by our customers using our dedicated resources

Cost Effectiveness
If you have been gasping for breath under the load of in-house resources that absorbed too much money for too little return, you can bring those costs back under control. Our dedicated designers and developers are less expensive, easier to manage and more productive.

With flexible working arrangements, you can have a solution on a project-by-project basis, continuing basis, and move between resources of one or more designers/developers. No recruitment headaches and no administrative hassle.

You’ll never be stumped by a web problem again. Not only our dedicated resources able to bring in other experts as required, but they are also up-to-date in their knowledge of the different web skills.

Speed and Quality of Execution
Because we are organized as a team in different countries, we can take a request from you at the end of your day, and have the answer back to you the morning after. With the same high quality that we apply across the board in “unleashing your web presence”.

Ongoing Maintenance
Using our services for ongoing maintenance lets you focus on your own core competencies. You have more time to do what you’re really good at – satisfying your own customers. And you can keep your budget and your headcount under control.