Distributed (client-server) Applications
How PHP solutions boost your online success quotient
PHP solutions are a major reason behind the success of online businesses and services. Whether you are browsing an online store or going through a job portal, chances are it is powered by PHP. In fact over 18 million Internet domains are currently hosted on servers using PHP.

Our PHP expertise helps us develop inexpensive, scalable, reliable, and secure web applications. We have a highly skilled team who is well versed with PHP scripting, and know how to adapt them for various project needs. Our PHP solutions consist of dynamic PHP web sites with complicated online forms and all kinds of web-based functionalities, dynamic/database driven eCommerce systems, Intranet/Extranet applications, Content Management Systems, and more.

We are well-versed with LAMP software programs that are open-source programs and help us create dynamic web solutions at low costs. L stand for Linux Operating system, A stands for Apache web server, M stands for MySQL database management system, and P stands for PHP. As per the project needs, we use the LAMP technologies to give you a low cost solution.

Dynamic PHP Web sites with web-based functionalities
This robust, server-side language helps us develop both simple and complicated functionalities, plus if project requirements include guestbooks, online polls, message boards, basic Flash animations, fraud prevention components, or dynamic PDF documents, PHP offers us the ability to create those. Our programmers are well-versed with advanced mathematical capabilities of PHP and object-oriented programming methodologies.

Whether your requirement is of developing an online store where you need thumbnails of product pictures and functionalities like shopping cart, online registration, etc., a job portal with various job listings, a dynamic news website with user’s poll functionality and guestbook, a real estate listing site with message board and other functionalities, or a traveling website with ticket booking and vacation houses listing, we can develop them for you. If you want to run an affiliate program for products listed on popular sites like Amazon, Shopping.com, or eBay, we can use PHP affiliate scripts and programs for tracking management allowing you to display those products on your site with great ease.

Dynamic/database driven eCommerce systems
We use PHP with MySQL, Oracle, Sybase & MS Access database for database-oriented applications. At times the application requires communication with other web technologies like XML and requires authentication or dynamic image creation, etc. and PHP is the best way implement and develop these. Our team has done all kinds of Enterprise Application Development projects using PHP and is quite at ease with this technology. We have also developed auction sites, trading and stock systems, online multiplayer games in PHP.

Our professionals use this versatile language for command-line scripting and client-side GUI applications. Complete source code is provided by the PHP Group for users to build, customize and extend for their own use. This helps in scripting and editing the code according to the application requirement.

PHP is largely used as the backbone of large database management systems since it runs on almost all web servers and is available for different operating systems. Since PHP is an open source language and considered to be free software by the Free Software Foundation it can be deployed on any web server and on almost every OS platform without any charge so development costs are reduced. We have developed many applications for Linux operating system.

Content Management Systems
We have used PHP successfully in developing CMS (Content Management Systems) for our clients. We have created and implemented secure, high quality, dynamic websites with back end CMS to control and add functionality to the front end of the websites. The CMS we have developed answer varied needs like:

  • Customer Management
  • Links Management
  • Category Management
  • Banner Ad Management
  • Product Management
  • Product Management
  • Newsletter Management
  • Job Portals
  • Managing Online Surveys
  • Admin & Sub-Admin Management
  • Managing Feedback
  • Product Management
  • Quiz Management