Database Design and Development
.NET for speedy integration and development of business services through the Web
Our .NET expertise helps us develop inexpensive, scalable, reliable, and secure web applications. We have a highly skilled team who is well versed with .NET scripting, and know how to adapt them for various project needs. Our .NET solutions consist of dynamic .NET web sites with complicated online forms and all kinds of web-based functionalities, dynamic/database driven eCommerce systems, Intranet/Extranet applications, Content Management Systems, and more.

Working on .NET platform enables us to create powerful, cost-effective, revolutionary business solutions that helps our clients get more from existing technology investments. It helps us go beyond proprietary technologies and develop flexible and scalable solutions that can help organizations integrate existing IT systems into a broader framework to provide for the technology needs of the future.

Our .Net services and applications can work in tandem with customers and partners to increase efficiencies with the .NET platform. .NET-enabled computing allows the user a customized experience and is focused completely on the user. Our .net solutions will lower your operating costs and increase sales. They will serve as a low cost connector of services and facilitator of information allowing employees to access information on demand.

Using .NET‘s highly integrated set of tools our developers can build powerful business solutions. Microsoft .NET framework are robust development platforms that give our developers the fastest, safest way to create applications, and it also provides them a programming model that functions in a multilanguage, productive environment. Furthermore, using Dot NET technologies our skilled developers can create solutions that function over a large range of computing devices. .NET also provides them a base for building Service Oriented Architectures (SOA).

Why Dot Net technologies
Its flexibility and interoperability makes .NET a highly preferred technology today. .NET technologies allow programmers to speedily develop, deploy, manage, and use connected, secure solutions. Businesses that use .NET-connected solutions can integrate their systems faster and more skillfully and provide information anytime, anyplace, on any device.

.NET technologies offer a better experience from the Web and improve the computing experience by integrating communications and information seamlessly and tightly. .NET is the modern foundation that can be used to develop and build business solutions efficiently and cost-effectively, thus benefiting individual users, programmers and organizations.

OkWeDoSoftware's .NET solution's
OkWeDoSoftware's Dot Net application development services include web-based applications, desktop applications, web services, and applications for mobile devices. We have developed .NET applications like:

  • Performance management systems
  • Online reporting systems
  • Financial sales forecasting applications
  • Healthcare management systems
  • Retailing applications for e.g. to monitor volume of store traffic
  • Business negotiation tracking software